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Trisys strive Machine Vision System R&D without pause, providing the best solution from various field experience.
Using optimal camera for Vision inspection according to Application, provide innovate, incomparable H/W, S/W Algorithm.
Especially, Trisys have own Cutting edge technology in LCD/OLED/Mini-LED/Mirco-LED display optical compensation, luminance measurement, Color compensation & Defect inspection, image data processing field.

Camera / Lens

High resolution Camera and Lens optimized
for optical analysis & Compensation.

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Optical Compensation

Display inspection & compensation technology know-how from various field experience. From display compensation IP to
Algorithm, promise best quality improvement
through Total Vision Solution

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Vision Solution

Consulting, R&D support, Module(Camera, Lens, F/G, Light, S/W, library, etc.) Application. Provide best R&D environment for vision system developer.

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Machine System

Design for Automatic Line control system, Measurement, Micro control instrument.

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