• Present ~ 2018

    OLED Color DEMURA & P-GAMMA System for mobile development.
    OLED Color Plane Colorimeters for mobile devepopment.
    ISO 9001:2015 certification achieved.
  • 2015 ~ 2017

    OLED DEMURA & P-GAMMA for mobile System Development
    Technology research institute establishment
    Manufacturing factory establishment
    Publisher Contract with ZEISS in Germany
  • 2014

    Window cover glass inspection System development
    COF AVI inspection System development
    Parts inspection System development
  • 2013

    DEMURA & P-GAMMA for LCD development
    Mold protection inspector development
    Near-infrared PET particle inspection System development
  • 2009~2012

    Established company
    High speed recording system development (1000fps, real time recording)
    Signed exclusive dealership agreement with Illunis
    Lead frame inspection system development
    COF inspection system development
    Solar cell inspection system development
    Chip inspection system development
    Corporate conversion
    Lead inspection system development
    Filter Laser Processing System development